Roof Installation in Charleston SC

Roof Installation in Charleston SC

If you need your roof installed, don’t trust just any old local contractor. The certified roof contractors have years of experience installing roofs in both residential and commercial locations. We are dedicated to delivering satisfactory results each time, providing clients with roofing installation in Concord that surpasses industry standards. Contact us today to learn how you can save $100 on a roofing job of $2,000 or more!

Roof Design

Whether your roof is composed of metal, tile, slate, or asphalt, trust that the professionals at a good roofing company they will have the expertise to deliver impressive results. We know how to properly remove old roofing materials and install a new one for clean roofing installation in Concord homes and businesses. Choose a new roof if your current one has:

Bad Decking Too Many Layers Incompatible Shingles In Poor Condition
Superior Roof Installation
Concord clients know that for the last 20 years, our roofing specialists have successfully installed hundreds of roofs on area structures. They realize that elements such as even tile spacing and correct overlap are key components of stable and aesthetically pleasing roof installation in Concord. Our contractors also know how much tile and gutter overhand to install so rainwater can properly fall for easy maintenance.

Roofing contractors at GRC Custom Builders understand the height, shape, and dimensions of roofing materials, ensuring a proper fit with each roofing installation in Concord. We work with most major brands and virtually types of roofs, including the following styles:

When it comes to excellent craftsmanship and customer service, no one does it better than our reputable roofing company! Subpar work may result in stretched tiles, leaks, and uneven rows. Don’t risk running your residential or commercial investment with shingles that are haphazardly nailed in or unevenly positioned. Getting your roof installed should be a breeze and without out hassle. Unfortunately, not all roofers do a good job and you need to be constantly on the lookout for faulty workmanship. We are here should you ever need support with your new roof.

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